Wir produzieren Ihr Corporate oder dokumentarisches Interview.

An Interview video is the most effective way to get a genuine response from a person. The guide to an effective Interview video production is to get the subject to communicate the message that is in line with your business goal for this video.


Professional, reliable and friendly :) camera crews.

Corporate Interviews
Panel Discussions
Cinematic Interviews
Spokesperson Talking Heads
Sound Bites
Vox Pops

Seated vs. Standing

Seated vs. Standing. Over the shoulder.

Two in a Frame

Fireplace Chat

Direct to Camera vs. Off Camera

Direct to camera is often used for explainer videos.


High-Key vs. Documentary

Greenscreen / Virtual Set


Teleprompter / Autocue


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Check for noise. Air-Condition, refrigerator, nearby construction work
Panel Discussions
Distracting elements in the background
Ad decoration if necessary
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