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Explainer Videos

Explainer videos show your customers how your product or service works and why it adds value. It answers the essentials - who, what, where, why and how?

Production Team Meeting on Set


Image & Success.


Creation &

At this stage, we better understand your goals.

  • What do you want your viewer to take away?

  • What is your target group?

  • Where do you want to publish it?

Creative Development

  • concepts

  • references

  • script

  • storyboards

We share concepts and reference videos that serve your goals and target group. Once a concept is decided, we start on the script. We work with you to revise the script until it is final.

Team vor der Kamera


This is when we dive into all the details and preparations to get us ready for the shoot day! We put together our hand selected crew, audition our cast, build out our schedule, scout our location and deal with other relevant matters to be ready for the shoot.

During this process, we get approvals from you on elements such as casting, locations and art. We show you several options so you can make the final call. This ensures that we are all on the same page.

20200617_172642 (2).jpg

Post Production

At the final stage, we transfer all the footage and begin editing a rough cut based on our script and the footage we captured on the shoot day.

We share a customized playlist with you that suits your story so you can choose a track for the video. If we’re using a voiceover, we share several options of voiceover artists for you to choose from.

Once a rough cut is ready, we share a review link where you and any member of your team can leave notes directly on the video, visual and by timecode. After all the notes are in, we begin on the fine cut, which includes color correction, audio mastering and sound design.

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